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Phone Consultations

Mutliple Cost Savings

phone consultations

Cost Containment

Telemedicine costs less than a co-pay. Re-directing unnecessary visits can reduce healthcare costs by up to 25%.

phone consultations


Telemedicine gives patients easy access to a physician, reducing the risk that medical problems become chronic.

phone consultations

Flexible Implementation

Telemedicine can be implemented anytime of the year with minimal hassle. There are no waiting periods or exclusions.

Telemedicine Phone Consultations

Telemedicine is getting better, and is leading the way. Whether you need simple medical advice or more in-depth treatment and diagnosis, our phone doctor consultations are the simplest way to get connected with the care you need at the precise moment you need it. Gone are the days of waiting rooms, paperwork, and long drives. Become an member and get connected today!

Why phone doctor consultations?

Phone doctor consultations are simple and hassle-free. No waiting rooms, no appointments, no nonsense. A few of the benefits include: